We are family business established in 2003, which mainly produces female confection. Our rich experience, qualified team and sewing-machine line allows us to produce women’s clothes in the full range. Through ongoing development and implementation of new technologies we ensure the highest quality of our products to meet customer needs. The history of the building that is now home to the company – located in the immediate vicinity of Pakoska Calvary – dates back to the Second World War. Then, a small tailor workshop operated there, and the city was famous as the center of linen manufacturing. Currently, sewing factories are one of the main activities playing substantial part in the economic development of our region.

    Pakość is a small town located in the district of Inowrocław, 12 km north-west of Inowrocław. It stretches on the picturesque isthmus between Pakoski Reservoir, and the Mielno Lake, in the place where the Noteć River separates Pałuki and Kujawy.

     The city is located on the Piast Route, which reproduces the movement of the Piast rulers and their courts between four royal castles having served capital functions. The Piast Route connects major objects and monuments of our history associated with the beginnings of the Polish state. On the Piast Route, you will not only find great monuments from the Piast dynasty, but also traces of human activity since the time of late Paleolithic – the oldest findings date back even to the X century BC. The Calvary Pakoska Cultural Park is part of the Route.In 2012, the Piast Route received the Certificate of Polish Tourist Organisation for the best tourist product – a unique and extremely important one to our heritage.